New Beginnings

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Hey guys, as the new year began I decided I missed blogging so much I wanted to return. However, I missed the name from my first blog, so I started a new one called Wyona’s Digital Dreams! Still me, still my style and stories, just a new address and new beginning! I hope you’ll come and join me there! ♥

(Credits for the photo on new blog.)


Valentine’s Surprise


This past week I wanted to do something for my parents for Valentines day so I set up a surprise for them. 🙂 I cooked a Life2 dinner of meatloaf and found a pretty gazebo and dining set. I also got my older sister Lilli to buy them a bottle of champagne. We snuck a small taste and it was so gross! But I know momma and daddy like it so we put it out. I put lights on the gazebo to help light it up and Lilli did a set up of candles.

VDay Suprise Collage

Then we added a heart in the sand and wrote forever and always inside it. After that we scattered some rose petals all over and Lilli added some candles around the heart. I also wanted to give them something to keep, so I found some gold heart lockets and put pictures of them inside and laid them on their chairs. Then to make sure it stayed a secret until they were both online we made a huge box to cover it and wrote a note to not open until they were both online. When they both came on I had them switch to Phototools – Moon Light 03 to get the optimum lighting and then unveiled the surprise. They were very surprised! And loved it of course. 🙂 Daddy said no one ever did nothin like that for them so I was super glad I did it. ♥ I love my parents and made me so happy to give them something nice.


Gazebo – ReACT – Gazebo with Lights

Table/Chairs – Boudoir – Valentine Romantic Set

Side Table – Boudoir – Valentine Table (took off all but the vase of roses and note)

Champagne – BeYou – Champagne Serving Tray Life2

Rose Petal Heart/Candles – Killer’s Pose Shop – Rose Petal Heart & Candles (Valentine’s group gift)

Drawing in Sand – Scully Beck – Forever and Always

Meatloaf Meal – cooked using Life2 system

Windlight – Phototools – Moon Light 03


#5 Serenity Tent

I recently decided to join a sorority I was invited to and am havin such fun! I am going to blogging club now. 🙂 For our blogging club meeting we decided to go explore a park and take photos that made us think of serenity. I saw the cute little tent on the dock and couldn’t help but sit there to daydream. The lake was nice and still and made me feel calm and peaceful just watching it. After a while I walked around some. I ended up laying on the grass next to the lake and watching the reflection of the sun as it went down. All in all a great afternoon!

#5 Serenity Lakeside

The scenery was so pretty I had to take a pic further out so you could all see it! ♥

#5 Serenity


Mesh Head – The Sugar Garden – Aya Mesh Head D Tone

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus

Skin – The Sugar Garden – Aya D Tone

Shape – 5LS – Ivanna – Teen Girl Shape (edited)

Eyes – Song – Sugar – R is Ice – L is Violet

Lashes – Sweet Thing – Romantic False Lashes

Hair – Truth – Demelza

Necklace –The Sugar Garden – Unicute Charm Necklace – Rainbow

Bracelets – Izzie’s – 80’s Rainbow Bangles

Crop Top – Sweet Thing – Cutie Crop (Meow) in Pink

Skirt – Katat0nik – Tulle Skirt in Candy Rainbow

Leggings – Gang/Cold – Gara Leggings in Innocent

Undershirt – Izzie’s – Basic Tank Appliers

Socks – *CK* Crazy Kitty – Cutepie Socks

Shoes – *CK* Crazy Kitty – Yummy Converse

Pose in Photo 1 – Ariskea [ Porcelain] Beach Calm tent sit (not mine, was at the sim)

Pose in Photo 2 – Bauhaus Movement – Chocolat/Anime 05

Windlight – (SS) Atmospheric 17:00

Location – Meridian Forest 


Skating Through School

#4 Skating Through School

So recently, I started going to a school! (Well 2 actually but only had one class at the one so joined another. The one has not had anything going for a couple weeks now though so I am down to just the one.) I now go to North Braddock High School, go Vikings! I am really loving it! They have a lot of classes and clubs spread out throughout the entire day. And decent amount of kids going. I had 5 other kids in my art class, where we were learning to make a basic necklace with a pendant with SLs base prims. In dance class, there were 7 of us one night, we learned about hip hop and each had to chose and share a dance (either using a dancer or one we put together).

#4 Skating Through School Comp

I wanted to take a photo class at the new school too, but the class is at a time I’m stuck in RL. 😦  I am hoping as the semesters change some of the class times will too. But I have met quite a few other students that are fun to chat with. 🙂 I also made a new friend through one of my classes. And my Mom and Aunt Okie opened a club, so I did my very first ever hosted event. OMG was it nerve-wracking. There wasn’t a ton of ppl but like 10 or so, but no much talking at all.

#4 Skating Through School - Garden

Also! We started the new Life2 system. I used to play the first version but the newest is just wow! It gives you a meter just like the one used in sims. Along with having to take care of your hunger, thirst, bladder, hygene, energy and entertainment, you can also cook, garden, and work a few jobs (only at the mainstore for right now). We were told they are working to expand all three of those things as well as adding health and animals. I really like the gardening and cooking, even more so because I can use the things I get from the garden in my cooking. Right now I am growing lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, and carrots. I am also trying to come up with a few recipes to submit to the creator to try and get on the team and help expand the selection. Okay, that’s all for this week! I’m off to harvest my tomatoes. 🙂



Mesh Head – The Sugar Garden – Aya Mesh Head D Tone

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus

Skin – The Sugar Garden – Aya D Tone

Shape – 5LS – Ivanna – Teen Girl Shape (edited)

Eyes – Song – Sugar – R is Ice – L is Violet

Lashes – Sweet Thing – Romantic False Lashes

Hair – Exxess – Siva A

Choker – Photosynthetic – Candy Collar – Jawbreaker

Outfit (T-shirt, Skirt, Goggles, Bracelets, Skates, Striped Socks, and Leg Bandana) – *CK* Crazy Kitty – Crazy Day

Leggings – Veechi – Lace Trim Leggings Appliers in Light Purple

Undershirt – Izzie’s – Basic Tank Appliers

Pose in Photo 1 – anLar – Evenflow Series – Two M

Pose in Photo 2 – anLar – Willow Series – One

Windlight – Nacon’s Afternoon (edited in Phototools)

Location – North Braddock High School


Happy New Years!


Goodness, so starting this blog right before the holidays wasn’t the smartest idea I ever had. So much has happened, both good and bad. But it’s the start of a new year and a good time for new beginnings. My family has been through a lot this holiday season and I am sure we’ll be through even more in the coming year, but we’re still together and I hope with even stronger bonds than before.


Other than Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, we also celebrated Momma’s birthday. It was a really neat party. My lil cousin Kenzie made a steampunk carnival. Not everyone could make it but I got some great pictures of all of us.


I also gave myself a makeover. Not that I don’t love my original look with the Kemono avi, but it is hard to find clothing and such that I loved and didn’t need to make textures for. I barely had any time during the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas because of RL and so the very limited time I had for SL I wanted to spend with my family.

Wyona Portrait 01012016

I actually really love the new look and it’s so wonderful to be able to wear all of my favorite stores’ clothing. And with The Sugar Garden’s wonderful mesh heads I still keep a young look.

Wyona 01012016 Comp


Fairy Outfit

Mesh Head – The Sugar Garden – Aya Mesh Head D Tone

Mesh Body/Hands/Feet – Belleza – Venus

Skin – The Sugar Garden – Aya D Tone

Shape – 5LS – Ivanna – Teen Girl Shape (edited)

Whiskers Makeup – Angelica – Cottoncandy

Eye Makeup – LCKY – Whiskers + Heart

Eyes – Song – Sugar – R is Ice – L is Violet

Lashes – Sweet Thing – Romantic False Lashes

Hair – Truth – Enisa in Granny with Roots

Nails – Lemon Barley Designs – Butterflies

Necklace – JCNY – Angel Diamond & Platinum Chain

Bracelet/Ring – Blah – Hana Flower in Violet

Wings – TBF – Fairy Wings – Butterfly Pink

Tights – Avicandy – Basic Lowrise – Bubblegum

Dress – Bowtique – Florena Dress in Lavender

Shoes – Cotton Candy Monster (C.C.M.) – Mermaid High Slink Heels in Mystic

Pose for Closeup – E.Ink – Free Poses – Laying Cute 2

Pose for Photo 2 – E.Ink – Cutie ♥ – Cutie 4

Creepy Clown Fun-House

Clown Post          The last few days Mom, Dad, and I have been exploring the linden sims. We went on the Halloween Ride and started the Dinosaur Park and Linden Realms and the Corn game they have too. Well, I love mazes and fun-houses so I told Mom and Dad I wanted to go to one I went to a long time ago. Thankfully it’s still around!

          It’s called the Carnival of the Carnivorous Clowns. It’s pretty creepy and gory but I love the mazes and other challenges as you make your way through the fun-house. Dad kept trying to tp around and to me or mom, but since that’s cheatin’ he kept getting sent back to the beginning outside the fun-house. Mom and I had a blast with it though. My net was acting up so I lagged a bit and the clowns weren’t all the way rezzed when I took the pic but it was good enough for me. 🙂
{I forgot to grab the link but will add it tomorrow night! Otherwise you can search in SL for Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns and it should come up. }
Clown Post Cadet Outfit
          Then we went shopping at the Kawaii event. I got a bunch of cute stuff, including the cute little Foxcake from Silent Sparrow. There are also some cute gifts in honor of it being the event’s birthday. I didn’t try my other stuff on yet but will post a pic when I do! I wanted to show off the cute look I put together with the Cadet outfit for the Kemono avi.
Kenzie Grinch
          And while I was writing my little cousin came over in this adorable outfit and I just had to share it! Soon I’ll show some pics of our family in our sim all ready for winter and tell you some funny stories, one involving a crazy sled.


Mesh Avatar – Utilizator – Kemono Avatar

Mesh Head – Utilizator – M3 Venus Anime Head

Shape – :D: – Kemono Cuties: Saya (edited slightly)

Skin – Nocciola – Nana Skin in Pinkish

Eyes – =^ HARO ^=  – Real Eyes (one violet and one blue)

Nails – Wuff! – Kemono Finger Nails – Size 30 (uses omega appliers)

Necklace / Charm Bracelet – *MM* – Yummy Charm Set

Hair – Oleander – Bennett – Summer Set

Romper – Kitten Spunk – Fall Cadets in Purple

Hoodie – Krankhaus – Open Hoodie

Texture Mod for Hoodie – Stuff & Thangs by RinnyBabe – Twilight Sparkle

Stockings – Utilizator  – Kemono Stockings

Texture Mod for Stockings – Enfer Sombre – Faded

Boots – Rei’s Stuff – Boots for Kemono

Fox – Silent Sparrow – Foxcake Blue Moon

Cat – A.I.F. – Persian Cat

Pose – none was my AO, carnival one is at the end of the fun-house


Hello World!

Chun Family Photo 11-8-15

Wyona, Mom and Dad

Hi! I’m Wyona. I roleplay a 14 year old on Second Life. I recently joined a family and I already feel like I’ve been with them forever, in a good way. I have a mom and a dad, thats the three of us in the pictured at the top, three aunts, one uncle, three cousins, a grandma and a grandpa. I also have three amaretto horses and a persian cat. There may be more family I don’t know yet, but these are the ones I have met and instantly loved. My family is a clan of vampires and entertainers. My dad plays in a tribute band and does live concerts. My mom and aunts are dancers and a couple are djs as well. I love dancing and singing but not so much in front of people. I am super shy until I am comfortable around people and so much prefer staying behind the camera and taking a ton of pictures. You will likely see and hear a lot about my family here.

Me and Snowflake

Wyona and Snowflake

This blog will be like a journal for me where I tell people the funny stories of my dad almost setting my room on fire or my aunt coming home with an atomic bomb of a fart gesture. There is rarely a dull moment around us. I also want to share some of the teen looks I come up with for my Kemono avatar and when I begin creating textures for them I will share those here as well. You will also see both snapshots and photos here. What’s the difference? A snapshot will be spur or the moments shots of my everyday life. Photos will be planned and look more polished. The top image is a photo while the other two are snapshots. I will try to include the credits of my outfit each time as well as a link to the store when I can, most likely their marketplace since I shop most on there. I won’t post the credits of anyone else in my photos because that would take forever. 🙂

Dancing at Bubbas w Okie and Mom

Wyona, Mom and Aunt Okie


Mesh Avatar – Utilizator – Kemono Avatar

Mesh Head – Utilizator – M3 Venus Anime Head

Shape – :D: – Kemono Cuties: Saya (edited slightly)

Skin – Nocciola – Nana Skin in Pinkish

Eyes – =^ HARO ^=  – Real Eyes (one violet and one blue)

Chest – Rei’s Stuff – Chest for Kemono

Nails – Wuff! – Kemono Finger Nails – Size 30 (uses omega appliers)

Necklace / Charm Bracelet – *MM* – Yummy Charm Set

Rainbow Bracelets – *MM* – Rainbow Rave Bracelets

Photos 1 and 2

Hair – Ayashi – Umeko Hair – Summer Set

Dress – Plastiline – Lilu Dress for Kemono

Texture Mod for Dress – Nocciola – Hime Gyaru Texture – Pastel Violet

Cat – A.I.F. – Persian Cat

Photo 3

Hair – Alice Project – Indigo – Glitter/Rainbow Violet

Dress – [SnF] – Mahou Miko Kessoku Rei’s Outfit – Unity Rare (gacha)

Sleeveless Jacket – Krankhaus – Mini Vest

Texture Mod for Sleeveless Jacket – Stuff & Thangs by RinnyBabe – Cute-ish Kowaii Boots Texture

Boots – Krankhaus – Kemono Kowaii Boots

Texture Mod for Boots – Chocolat – Candy Sweet – Sweet Cake